Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally... An Update on the Hensley Family

So it has been way too long! We have been so busy that somehow we have forgotten to update our blog. Life has been crazy but absolutely awesome! Liam just turned 1 on Tuesday. We had a great 1st birthday party... lots of people. I figured that we've been very blessed to have so many close friends and family and I didn't want to leave anyone out. Time flies!!! And
Austin has been really busy with Little League. He pitches along with a few other positions. Also this year they started doing real reports and projects and he has gotten A's on everything! He is doing really well. Football camp starts soon. Sean started his own company, and has already signed one band. Perry Acker is a local band from Gig Harbor... very talented and Sean has been spending every waking moment with them. I have just been holding down the fort, family planning and also finishing up the last part of my training at 911. I've been there 2 1/2 yrs and finally am almost trained. It's very stressful but I am excited to have it done. We have some great upcoming trips for summer so we're looking forward to that as well. Next month I will be taking the boys to Lake Roosevelt for camping, jet skiing and boating and then in August we have two trips planned. We will be going to a family reunion on my side of the family in Sweet Home, Oregon. We used to have a reunion every summer when I was a kid. Now all of the "kids" from back then have their own kids so we've started the reunion back up. It should be a blast. At the end of the summer, we'll be taking a road trip with Sean's parents down to California... all of us in the motorhome together. :) It will be an experience to remember! It will be wonderful though. We will be going down for a memorial service for Sean's Papa and Nana. His grandmother (Anita's mom) passed away after a long fight with alzheimers two weeks ago. It's been hard for the family but we are thankful that she is now in peace. On a separate note, if you aren't here in Washington, we have experienced one of the nicest springs I can remember. Lots of warm weather! Have a great start to summer!

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